Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Workbook Assignment #1: Elements of Art; Principles of Design Review

Use the links on the blog (http://vshfunctionalart.blogspot.com) to explore the wide world of interior design. This assignment is designed to expose you to a wide variety of design styles, history and aesthetics as well as to show me your knowledge of the elements of art and principles of design.

Part 1: Label the top of a new page in your workbook with “Workbook Assignment #1: Elements and Principles Review. 

Part 2: Find a different picture of a room from among the links on the blog for at least 4 different Elements of Art and at least 4 different Principles of Design. All of the Elements and Principles are listed below to help you.

Elements of Art: (pick 4)                                             Principles of Design: (pick 4)
Shape                      Line                                                 Balance            Movement
Form                        Texture                                           Contrast            Emphasis
Color                        Value                                              Variety              Proportion
Space                                                                               Unity

You may also use images from magazines, photographs and links not listed on the blog. Find the best example possible that illustrates each of your chosen Elements and Principles. If you are unsure of an Element of Art or Principle of Design, use the handout provided to you for help OR do some Internet searching for definitions. Remember – find a different picture for each Element and each Principle you’ve selected!

Part 3: Print out your pictures and neatly paste (not tape!) them into your workbook with clean, neat craftsmanship.

Part 4: Neatly label the picture with what Element or Principle you chose to correspond to the picture.

Part 5: In at least 1 complete sentence, explain how the picture you chose best represents the Element of Art or Principle of Design you matched it to. 

Example #1: Take a look at the blog samples below for examples of what a 100% workbook assignment looks like. (Note: The examples below do not use interior design images like yours should!) Go the extra mile with interesting font styles; notes on what you like about the pictures you chose and drawings of ideas you have while working on the assignment.

Example #2: 
Principle of Design: Contrast
This picture shows contrast due to the use of color and the forms.  The chair has an organic form, which has a sharp difference with the geometric squares and rectangles of the background wall and the windows.  The green window has a bold color, which draws the viewer’s interest because it contrasts with the black and white monochromatic color scheme of the rest of the room. 
This assignment is dueduring our 3rd Class
September 30th for B; October 4th for D

Links for Workbook Assignment #1
Interior Design Magazine 
Interior Design Magazine Blogs - click on the tab listed Blogs and select a writer to view their blog 
Modern Architecture and Interior Design 
Get Decorating 
Wallpaper Magazine 
Apartment Therapy 
Design Sponge 
Mira En Tu Interior 
American Society of Interior Designers - click on a designer then on their photographs/website for images 
Miller Stein Interiors - click on Portfolio for images 

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